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Welcome to the Strengthening Environmental Governance in Small Coal Mining Industry in Shaan Xi Province project website. We hope you find the website informative and useful.

The website aims at promoting EU China cooperation on environmental governance in the small coal mining industry, with a particular focus on Shaan Xi province.

·     To strengthen environmental information sharing mechanism to provide accountable environmental data to improve public access and participation in environmental decision-making;

·      To further raise awareness of corporate environmental responsibility among small coal mines and motivate them to actively incorporate sustainable practices and effective environmental management system into their business;

·      To provide guidance, tools, international best practices, compliance standard to assist small coal mines to conduct environmental impact assessment and improve their environmental performance.

The project is part financed by the European Commission EU China Environmental Governance Programme (EGP) to improve environmental governance in China through enhanced governmental function, public participation and corporate responsibility at the local level.

The English page is for information only, for project information in English, please contact the project team.

You can download the project leaflet and a copy of unofficially translated <Environmental Protection Law of P.R. China> here.